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His slogan: Work, Honesty, and Justice

Objectives : to win the elections with the support of all communities residing in the city of Sweetwater.
To work for the common good of its Residents In addition to demonstrate that our community. Nicaraguan. It is a working class that deserves respect for its long years living in this great Nation.

Sweetwater, Fl  Commissioners 2021

A Strong History 

Name: Octavio Guerrero
Nationality : born in the municipality of Nagarote, León, Nicaragua, on February 13, 1957, his parents, Octavio Guerrero and his mother, Olivia Hernández, parents of 4 children, all professionals. He arrived in the United States in the 1980s because he did not agree with the Sandinista Totalitarian Party

Residential : since 2005 lives in the City of Sweetwater
Profession : graduated from the Autonomous University of Nicaragua with a LAWYER in the Criminal field.



Pillars of work 

For a climate action

Working in the conservation of the environment with the contribution of the new generations we will make forceful changes for the conservation.


For a city for all 

A Sweetwater for all where we are included to work for the common good and quality of all.


With honesty and work 

Our foundation is to work for everyone and for everyone with strong values based on honesty.


”  Work, Honesty, and Justice. “



Octavio Guerrero 2021 Sweetwater, Fl Commissioner

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Octavio Guerrero

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